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    For over twenty years, Transformation Groups have been a nationwide tool used to successfully break
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    While working in the inner-city of northwest Portland, Troy Smith set up a counseling center
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    Troy Smith has authored and published multiple resources and are available in our online store.
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Success Stories

  • What SAFE Has Done For Me

     SAWhat Safe Has done for meFE came long at a very critical time in my life. I found myself sitting in jail looking at 20-50 years, I had no hope, and my outlook was very bleak. I had lost everything, my children, my home, belongings, and some family members had a very low opinion of me and my life style. I was arrested in August 2008 with 5 felonies, 3 of them being A felonies for dealing. In January of 2009, I went to my first SAFE class and found a place of peace.


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